• Moon Song excerpts
    • Mar 14 2015
    • Sparrow: Isolde For once, the cathedral was quite empty; Isoldé stood sensing into the quiet, the echoes of silence. At moments like this you really got a feel of the place. She stood at the west en...
    • Moon Song: Taster 2
    • Mar 6 2015
    • Beginnings & Endings: Mark In the library, Embar on his lap and a tumbler full of Talisker in his hand, he sat staring. He could hear the voice inside his head. ‘All yours now. Don’t you g...
    • Women of Lovecraft
    • Mar 4 2015
    • All kudos to Cosmic Egg author Colleen Douglas whose short story "The Genesis Mausoleum" has been accepted for publication in the Dreams From The Witch House: Women of Lovecraft Anthology, Edited ...
    • News for March
    • Mar 2 2015
    • We’re very excited to announce that that "Shanti and the Magic Mandala" by F.T. Camargo has just won its fourth award, the "Runner-up" on the "2015 Los Angeles Book Festival" in the category "Young ...
    • SPLANX

      SPLANX - the ultimate electronic tablet of the space-oriented future, where humanity becomes one with a god-power beyond belief ...

    • Perception

      The first ship was sighted over St. Louis...and then St. Louis was gone.

    • Gem's story - a spiritual journey

      Two people search for the meaning of life. They find more than they expect...