a novel of climate change

Clarke W. Owens

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

Part I Scripture from the Past

C.J. Gleave

Bones Would Do, The

Book Two of the Christopher Penrose Novels

Lee Morgan

Moon Song

Elen Sentier

Eternal Life Inc.

Book One of The King of the Dead Trilogy

James Burkard


... because the past is never past

Michael Tobert


William Mitchell

Chosen, The

William Hatchett


Colleen Douglas

Mirror Image

Beth Murray

Why Do I Write? Sep 19 2015

By Elen Sentier Why do I do it? Well, I’m utterly addicted! It has nothing to do with money and I’d still be doing it even if nobody ever read any of it. But the joy of somebody reading the sto...

Books on sale in September Sep 15 2015

The following titles will be on eBook promotion of 0.99 for the entirety of September. In Collecting Feathers, Daniela I. Norris blends pitch-perfect storytelling and a keen spiritual awareness t...

Authors online Sep 3 2015

Keep up with your favourite authors online... (because it's not stalking if they tell you where to find them!) Peter Bartram (crime author) Jennifer Kavanagh (fiction an...

Peek into the world of the Alkoryn Chronicles Aug 21 2015

When he finds a hidden map and a scripture washed up with an unusual body at the Galunda Bay, Daimeh’s idyllic life changes forever. After an autopsy has been conducted, he decides to follow the map...

"600ppm" – an excerpt Aug 13 2015

Cancer & Chaos I started watching this pretty glue channel called Historia. They had these heavy-duty intellectuals on there, talking about all kinds of stuff. There was this one named P...

600ppm – Genesis Aug 5 2015

Perhaps most novels arise out of long-contemplated concerns triggered by some more momentary crisis or obsession. 600ppm was a confluence of this sort, beginning with the fact that I have written n...

Fiction news for August Aug 3 2015

Our Street and Lodestone – our imprints for younger readers – now have their own facebook page Colleen Douglas’s short story, which will be appearing in D...