• A reader’s guide to imprints
    • Dec 10 2014
    • By Nimue Brown People in the book industry and authors pay a lot of attention to who publishes what, but readers are often less interested. It’s the author name that is most likely to matter. Ver...
    • November news from our authors
    • Dec 4 2014
    • Marie Yates hit the news with Reggie and Me in a Birmingham Mail article,  and  did a reading / signing as part of the University of Worcester's 16 Days of Action Against Gender Based Violence. Thi...
    • Cryptogram, by Michael Tobert
    • Dec 2 2014
    • Welcome to 2050: two men and a woman, lovers haunted by the echoes of a past 800 years before.  A dystopian futuristic fantasy weaving reincarnation and the Cathars of 13th Century Europe. Publish...
    • How to inspire an author
    • Nov 12 2014
    • I asked the JHP fiction authors what sort of settings inspire them... What do we need from a space in order to sit down and create? There’s a broad range of answers here – every author is unique.T...
    • Mirror Image

      Sarah's journal of her multiple killings drag Jack into her world of the reflections of evil, and connections beyond death.

    • Perception

      The first ship was sighted over St. Louis...and then St. Louis was gone.

    • Orders From Above

      It's Lucifer's turn to rejoin the heavenly hierarchy, but Gabriel doesn't want to take his place as the Dark Lord. However, a promise is a promise...