• October news
    • Oct 1 2014
    • September was incredibly busy for the JHP fiction authors, so here's a quick roundup of what's been happening, or is poised to happen... Colleen Douglas will be giving a talk at Paddington Library,...
    • The small mysteries of Jon Mackley
    • Sep 24 2014
    • It's the small mysteries in a writer's space that always intrigue me. What is that thing? what is it for? I peer at the blurry book covers, because while it's not advisable to judge a book by its cove...
    • Cats, earl grey and an author
    • Sep 18 2014
    • A sneak peek into the work space and writing life of Elen Sentier... I write from about 6.30am to midday-ish, then again from about 8-11pm ... in bed. My bedroom is large, usually full of light,...
    • Moon Song
    • Sep 10 2014
    • By Elen Sentier I’m currently working with the final stages of getting Moon Song out into print. I’ve got a smashing cover done by an artist friend, Danielle Barlow. Now the whole, both book an...
    • Gawain Legacy, The

      If you try to control all the secrets, they may end up controlling you.

    • Perception

      The first ship was sighted over St. Louis...and then St. Louis was gone.

    • Eladria

      A fugitive princess, a dying world, and a journey beyond the limits of the human experience...