Fiction news for August Aug 3 2015

Our Street and Lodestone – our imprints for younger readers – now have their own facebook page Colleen Douglas’s short story, which will be appearing in D...

Coming soon - 600ppm Jul 19 2015

It's 2051. Global warming has flooded eastern U.S. coastal cities. The West is a waterless desert. Refugees migrate northward. Food and water are tightly rationed amid endless war. When Jeff Claymark...

Featured Book - Eladria Jun 29 2015

Published by Cosmic Egg, Eladria is the tale of a fugitive princess, a dying world, and a journey beyond the limits of the human experience. A dire prophecy is fulfilled when Tahnadra’s royal mo...

Featured book - SPLANX Jun 19 2015

SPLANX - the ultimate electronic tablet of the space-oriented future, where humanity becomes one with a god-power beyond belief... Science-fiction meets horror in this novel about a paranormal investi...

Book News for June Jun 1 2015

Marie Yates was at The People’s Book Prize Award Ceremony on the 27th May. Her first novel, Reggie & Me, made it to the final, but sadly didn’t win. It’s a great book, and we’re very glad...

A Bowl of Mango Slices May 29 2015

An excerpt from 600ppm by Clarke Owens.... Of course, even with hand-pollination, fruits are severely rationed, and you can get jail time for buying black market fruit. Fruit addiction is a serious...



a novel of climate change

Clarke W. Owens

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

Part I Scripture from the Past

C.J. Gleave

Bones Would Do, The

Book Two of the Christopher Penrose Novels

Lee Morgan

Moon Song

Elen Sentier

Eternal Life Inc.

Book One of The King of the Dead Trilogy

James Burkard


... because the past is never past

Michael Tobert


William Mitchell

Chosen, The

William Hatchett


Colleen Douglas