The Bones Would Do May 21 2015

Cosmic Egg has now published Book Two of the Christopher Penrose Novels, by Lee Morgan. This is occult fiction from an author with a lot of insight - Lee Morgan has also written about traditional wit...

Moon Song excerpts Mar 14 2015

Sparrow: Isolde For once, the cathedral was quite empty; Isoldé stood sensing into the quiet, the echoes of silence. At moments like this you really got a feel of the place. She stood at the west en...

Moon Song: Taster 2 Mar 6 2015

Beginnings & Endings: Mark In the library, Embar on his lap and a tumbler full of Talisker in his hand, he sat staring. He could hear the voice inside his head. ‘All yours now. Don’t you g...

Women of Lovecraft Mar 4 2015

All kudos to Cosmic Egg author Colleen Douglas whose short story "The Genesis Mausoleum" has been accepted for publication in the Dreams From The Witch House: Women of Lovecraft Anthology, Edited ...

News for March Mar 2 2015

We’re very excited to announce that that "Shanti and the Magic Mandala" by F.T. Camargo has just won its fourth award, the "Runner-up" on the "2015 Los Angeles Book Festival" in the category "Young ...

Carolyn Mathews Reviews Feb 28 2015

Roundfire author Carolyn Mathews puts on her reviewing hat to talk about assorted fiction titles from JHP.   Review for Collecting Feathers by Daniela Norris This collection of short sto...


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James Burkard


... because the past is never past

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