Time for the Wind

Dennis Waite


a novel of climate change

Clarke W. Owens

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

Part I Scripture from the Past

C.J. Gleave

Bones Would Do, The

Book Two of the Christopher Penrose Novels

Lee Morgan

Moon Song

Elen Sentier

Eternal Life Inc.

Book One of The King of the Dead Trilogy

James Burkard


... because the past is never past

Michael Tobert


William Mitchell

Chosen, The

William Hatchett


Colleen Douglas

600pm at Huffington Post Nov 20 2015

Tim Ward writes: "When we think about Climate Change - temperature forecasts, shifting rainfall patterns, ice caps melting -- it's both too big and too far away to imagine vividly, as if it were happe...

Moon Song excerpts Nov 14 2015

Sparrow: Isolde For once, the cathedral was quite empty; Isoldé stood sensing into the quiet, the echoes of silence. At moments like this you really got a feel of the place. She stood at the west en...

Featured book - SPLANX Nov 6 2015

SPLANX - the ultimate electronic tablet of the space-oriented future, where humanity becomes one with a god-power beyond belief... Science-fiction meets horror in this novel about a paranormal investi...

Creepy poetry for Halloween Oct 31 2015

Fox Song   White bones silvering in the earth. Dew distorting lenses settle in eye sockets Like globules of melted glass.   Gone are the memories of rabbit blood, The sh...

The Witch's List - excerpt Oct 23 2015

[caption id="attachment_1189" align="alignleft" width="223"] Andrew Cairns, author.[/caption] Here's a sneak peek at a book that will be coming out from Cosmic Egg, written by Andrew Cairns. We're ...

Soul Catcher Oct 21 2015

Soul Catcher by Elen Sentier All along, down along, out along ley Faster than lightning rides the Sidhe. All along, down along, out along ley The hounds are yelping across the sea The Wild Ones ...

Featured Books: Wellsprings Oct 13 2015

2026. The earth's ecosystem has broken down under human abuse. Water supplies are shrinking. Rain is rare, and North America is gripped in the Great Drought with crops withering and forests dying. In ...