• The Chosen - released next month!
    • Jul 28 2014
    • One man, one planet, one destiny. Frederick Frater leads a hum-drum life working in a Victorian bookshop in rural Kent, until, one day, an apparition walks into the shop – a beautiful young woman...
    • A Séance With A Difference - An Excerpt from 'The Chosen' by William Hatchett - Coming Soon to Cosmic Egg!
    • Jul 28 2014
    • The Séance (an extract from Chapter Ten of The Chosen)   A few days later, the three of us stood on a pavement in Sevenoaks, in front of my aunt's surprisingly ordinary-looking house. We a...
    • Elen Sentier joins Cosmic Egg Books
    • Jul 12 2014
    • by Elen Sentier Although you may well know me better for non-fiction through Moon Books I’ve been a cyfarwydd, a storyteller, all my life. Cosmic Egg Books, another imprint with John Hunt Publish...
    • Collen Douglas interview
    • Jun 18 2014
    • Cosmic Egg author Colleen Douglas has a project you may well be interested in, and it seemed like an interview would be a great way of exploring it, so, here we go... Nimue: I see you're serialisin...
    • Mirror Image

      Sarah's journal of her multiple killings drag Jack into her world of the reflections of evil, and connections beyond death.

    • Perception

      The first ship was sighted over St. Louis...and then St. Louis was gone.

    • Gem's story - a spiritual journey

      Two people search for the meaning of life. They find more than they expect...