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Thousand Eyes, A by Junior  Burke

Thousand Eyes, A

Junior Burke

May 2018

A small town in Colorado experiences a series of animal attacks which are far from random...

Alkoryn Chronicles, The by C.J. Gleave

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

C.J. Gleave

Nov 2017

After his village is decimated, Ugoki must find his own way in the desolate realm of Stygia, a land where the sun never rises...

Visitor, The by Christopher Chase Walker

Visitor, The

Christopher Chase Walker

Nov 2016

Satan, in the form of a bewildered and naked Old Man, arrives in Brighton one dark and snowy December morning, bringing chaos in his wake.

Machine Society, The by Mike Brooks

Machine Society, The

Mike Brooks

Oct 2016

In post-apocalyptic London, there’s the monotony of life in the Perimeter or the promise of luxury in the Better Life Complex.

Call of the Forbidden Way by Robert Owings

Call of the Forbidden Way

Robert Owings

Aug 2016

Some reach out for the mystical, but sometimes it's the mystical that reaches out.

Witch's List, The by Andrew Cairns

Witch's List, The

Andrew Cairns

Jun 2016

Follow the strange, lustful and horrific journey of Sandy Beech as he is ensnared into the realm of African witchcraft.

# I'm Zombie by Tony  Newton

# I'm Zombie

Tony Newton

May 2016

Accounts from the zombie apocalypse — letters, notes, documents, chatroom and forum fragments.

I, Human by John Nelson

I, Human

John Nelson

May 2016

In an Orwellian future where brain implants are causing massive emotional breakdowns, one man is able to reprogram his experimental implant with the help of a energy healer and break the techno oligarchy's hold on humanity.

Art and Science of Intergalactic Warmongery, The by Field Marshal S. Myrston

Art and Science of Intergalactic Warmongery, The

Field Marshal S. Myrston

Mar 2016

A practical guide to turning your megalomaniacal urges into an intergalactic reality.

Mistletoe Haunting, The by David Slattery-Christy

Mistletoe Haunting, The

David Slattery-Christy

Feb 2016

A gothic ghost story with a contemporary twist!

Visions Through a Glass, Darkly by David I. Aboulafia

Visions Through a Glass, Darkly

David I. Aboulafia

Jan 2016

Two days, eighteen hours, fifty-eight minutes... The time of your life on this earth.

Man Who Drew Triangles, The by Haraldur Erlendsson, Keith Hagenbach

Man Who Drew Triangles, The

Haraldur Erlendsson
Keith Hagenbach

Jan 2016

If this book was a racehorse it would be out of `Alice in Wonderland´ by `The Celestine Prophecy'

Time for the Wind by Dennis Waite

Time for the Wind

Dennis Waite

Dec 2015

Mankind meets its karmic retribution – but is it ‘real’?

600ppm by Clarke W. Owens


Clarke W. Owens

Jul 2015

Nature is collapsing. The government doesn't want you to know why. Welcome to 2051 and 600ppm.

Alkoryn Chronicles, The  by C.J. Gleave

Alkoryn Chronicles, The

C.J. Gleave

Apr 2015

Daimeh's life changes when he finds a hidden map on an unusual body at the bay. His aunt and he follow the map to the northern lands, where all is not as it seems.

Bones Would Do, The by Lee Morgan

Bones Would Do, The

Lee Morgan

Apr 2015

From the moment that Christopher opened the door of death, the darkness began gazing back at him...

Eternal Life Inc. by James Burkard

Eternal Life Inc.

James Burkard

Jan 2015

Only an alcoholic actor, with a contract to die, stands between Earth and an alien invasion from the astral plane.

Cryptogram by Michael Tobert


Michael Tobert

Dec 2014

Welcome to the dystopian world of 2050: two men and a woman, lovers haunted by the echoes of a past 800 years before.

Chosen, The by William Hatchett

Chosen, The

William Hatchett

Aug 2014

One man, one planet, one destiny.

Creations by William  Mitchell


William Mitchell

Aug 2014

Earth 2040 is on the brink of disaster. Can Max Lowrie stop the self-replicating machines before it's too late?

Mirror Image by Beth Murray

Mirror Image

Beth Murray

Jun 2014

Sarah's journal of her multiple killings drag Jack into her world of the reflections of evil, and connections beyond death.

Gawain Legacy, The by Jon  Mackley

Gawain Legacy, The

Jon Mackley

Apr 2014

If you try to control all the secrets, they may end up controlling you.

SPLANX by Peter Magliocco


Peter Magliocco

Mar 2014

SPLANX - the ultimate electronic tablet of the space-oriented future, where humanity becomes one with a god-power beyond belief ...

Zombie Rule Book, The by Tony  Newton

Zombie Rule Book, The

Tony Newton

Jan 2014

The book the living dead don’t want you to have!

Purefinder by Ben Gwalchmai


Ben Gwalchmai

Dec 2013

London, 1858: a child is dead, a man is blamed, and dragged through hell - why is he persecuted and who is his persecutor?

  • Tony  NewtonTony NewtonTony Newton is a writer from Essex in the UK, Tony has written over 40 books ranging from Quiz books...
  • Jon  MackleyJon MackleyJon Mackley is a Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at the University of Northampton, U...
  • Alaric AlbertssonAlaric AlbertssonAlaric Albertsson is a native of Missouri, but has been living in western Pennsylvania with his part...
  • Haraldur ErlendssonHaraldur ErlendssonConsultant Psychiatrist, Medical Director and CEO of HNLFÍ medical rehabilitation clinic. Haraldur...
  • Keith HagenbachKeith HagenbachI am 70 years old but younger in spirit, mind and body [regular squash and running]. I was educated ...
  • Lee MorganLee MorganLee’s university education involved a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours, majoring in Creat...
  • Robert OwingsRobert OwingsRobert Owings is an explorer in the field of consciousness. He holds a master's degree in philosophy...
  • Andrew CairnsAndrew CairnsAndrew Cairns is a well-travelled Scot. He currently lives in the suburbs of Paris with his wife and...
  • Ben GwalchmaiBen GwalchmaiA maker, writer, and worker, Ben is an award-winning polymath. A writer since 2008, Ben has had w...
  • Joost BoekhovenJoost BoekhovenJoost Boekhoven was born in 1962 in the Netherlands. He is an author, classical pianist, photographe...
  • Michael TobertMichael TobertMICHAEL TOBERT went to Oxford University, started a publishing company of sorts and lives in Scotlan...
  • Junior  BurkeJunior BurkeJunior Burke is a novelist, dramatist and songwriter. In 2004, he founded the ezine not enough nigh...
  • Field Marshal S. MyrstonField Marshal S. MyrstonAs a young cadet, private Myrston led troops against the Victoriana rebellion where he earned a repu...
  • David Slattery-ChristyDavid Slattery-ChristyDavid was born in Oxford, England, in 1959. He graduated from London’s City University with a BA (...
  • Rory B MackayRory B MackayA writer, thinker and dreamer from a young age, one of Rory Mackay's true passions is exploring the ...
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