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Gem's story - a spiritual journey by Joost Boekhoven

Gem's story - a spiritual journey

Joost Boekhoven

May 2013

Two people search for the meaning of life. They find more than they expect...

Wellsprings by William T. Hathaway


William T. Hathaway

Sep 2013

In 2026 as the earth is withering, an old woman and a young man heal nature through higher consciousness.

Eternal Life Inc. by James Burkard

Eternal Life Inc.

James Burkard

Jan 2015

Only an alcoholic actor, with a contract to die, stands between Earth and an alien invasion from the astral plane.

Man Who Drew Triangles, The by Haraldur Erlendsson, Keith Hagenbach

Man Who Drew Triangles, The

Haraldur Erlendsson
Keith Hagenbach

Jan 2016

If this book was a racehorse it would be out of `Alice in Wonderland´ by `The Celestine Prophecy'

Machine Society, The by Mike Brooks

Machine Society, The

Mike Brooks

Oct 2016

In post-apocalyptic London, there’s the monotony of life in the Perimeter or the promise of luxury in the Better Life Complex.

Call of the Forbidden Way by Robert Owings

Call of the Forbidden Way

Robert Owings

Aug 2016

Some reach out for the mystical, but sometimes it's the mystical that reaches out.

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