Visions Through a Glass, Darkly

Visions Through a Glass, Darkly

Two days, eighteen hours, fifty-eight minutes... The time of your life on this earth.


Two days, eighteen hours, fifty-eight minutes... The time of your life on this earth.
Richard Goodman is the caretaker of a unique institution that trains disabled youth in the art of watchmaking. But he is no ordinary administrator. He possesses extra sensory powers he does not fully understand and cannot control.
But an innocent outing to Coney Island results in him obtaining a more disturbing ability, along with a terrifying prophecy that he will die in less than three days.
As the clock of his life counts down, a still greater threat emerges. An uncanny assassin who will destroy everyone he knows and loves.
Unless he can discover who the killer is. And stop him in time.


“…well-written with impeccable and genuine dialogue, as well as spot-on character development. The author delivers an intriguing, thought provoking, dark thriller that will linger in the reader’s mind for a while. The storyline, filled with twists and quality writing, keeps the reader hooked and turning pages ‘till the end…a must-read story.” (5 stars) ~ Michel Violante, Reader Views

“...psychotic personalities, unpleasant behaviors, and flawed individuals dominate the scenes….mind twisting.” (3 stars) ~ Jill Bemis, Amazon

“...twists and turns that you don't see coming...Thrilling from the first page to the last!” (5 stars) ~ Anne, Amazon

"Adore this book...a deep and complex story line that it makes it a joy to amazing story interwoven with incredible character back stories ...leaves me thinking long after the book is put down." (5 stars) ~ Bookplex,

“...eloquent...a true psychological thriller." (4 stars) ~ Mimi Jazzman, Amazon

“…a very unique way of telling a story…written to give you nightmares. I don't recommend this as a bedtime story.” (4 stars) ~ Beth, Amazon

"...a breath of fresh air to delve into the dark and twisted and complicated world of Richard Goodman in this book by David I. Aboulafia...beautifully written...impressively complex and layered, with a sharp psychological edge that makes you really think...a unique, enjoyable experience." (4 stars) ~ Karen Matthews , Barnes & Noble

"...not for the faint of heart or easily spooked...starts to build at a slow simmer, leading to a full-on boil that is quite exciting. The way (the author) uses language to create emotion and describe scenery is impressive, and the characters are believable and well developed with several interesting transitions...the editing was nearly flawless...I had goose bumps throughout. Addicting reading and I look forward to more from Aboulafia." (4-5 stars) ~ Laura Clarke , Goodreads

"...a really intriguing read, with enough depth and detail to really suck me into this world and keep me there." (4 stars) ~ James Masters , Barnes & Noble

" interesting, if not surreal novel that pushes the boundaries of typical literature." (4 stars) ~ Claire Middleton , Goodreads

"....a masterpiece...If the readers think this is just another suspense novel, they couldn’t be more wrong..." ~ ,

"Beautiful... this one stands out...masterfully executed." (4 stars) ~ Kristi , Amazon

"...a very enthralling tale that might just inspire some readers to keep the lights on for a few nights...the perfect book to blow your mind." ~ Damnetha Jules,

"A gripping book: A lead character with a secret and in a world that has a timer...the author builds the suspense throughout the pages." (4 stars) ~ Shannon Luster, Amazon

"Dark of the strangest books I've ever read." (4 stars) ~ Francine, Amazon

"This book grabs readers by the shoulders and refuses to let go. It is a mind-thrilling suspenseful thrill ride of a tale, where it's difficult to know what to expect next. Readers will find themselves flipping through the pages in anticipation, only to be blown away by the result. This is a fantastic read." ~ Jennifer Weiss, US Review of Books

"...a pulsating story that will accelerate your heartbeat, one you can't stop until you read to the very last page. The writing is crisp, tight and downright gorgeous. The masterful use of the first person narrative gives an acute sense of immediacy to the story... " (5 stars) ~ Romuald Dzemo, Amazon

"Aboulafia has a gift and this book is it!" (5 stars) ~ Cat Shannon, Amazon

"Visions Through a Glass, Darkly will leave you questioning everything! A chilling read...definitely unconventional, at times humorous and sarcastic, and also engaging...filled with suspense...but also a realness bringing to life certain elements within the book..." (4 stars) ~ Morgan Amos, Amazon

"This book was so well written! The word choice was incredible. Fans of Clive Barker will very much embrace this book. The elements of supernatural horror come through beautifully..." (4 stars) ~ LeeAnn Galli, Amazon

"Couldn't put it down! A terrifying ride full of twists and turns which will make for (a) constant page-turning thriller." (5 stars) ~ cuteelf, Amazon

"Here is a masterpiece from David Aboulafia. There is this sense of an unexploded bomb about to blow up in your face as you slowly turn the pages...pulsating prose often laden with psychological insights into the minds of the major players...short, witty and calculated dialogue interspersed with spirited discussions of life and death, light and darkness...drives you forward and onward to a predicted conclusion as harrowing as the events leading up to it. A riveting, psychological thriller that slowly pushes you off the edge of reason." (4 stars) ~ George Shadow, Amazon

"An outstanding debut novel! Written in a way that will have you up late telling yourself 'just one more page' until the very end. Reading the book felt like part suspense, part horror, and part comic book all wrapped up in one and Aboulafia did an outstanding job at blending these viewpoints won't be able to put this one down!" (4 stars) ~ Stuart C., Amazon

"A taut novel of suspense with a thread of the supernatural, Visions Through a Glass, Darkly seizes the reader's attention and will not let go. Lurking underneath the saga of a psychic's imminent mortality and the threat of a ruthless murderer are deeper thematic questions about the essence of human free will. An unforgettable, dizzying kaleidoscope of a thrill ride!" ~ Micah Andrews, Midwest Book Review

"....a GREAT read...VERY difficult to lay the book down... I hope that this will not be the last novel by Mr. Aboulafia. His is a rare talent for entertaining and creating a gripping story. It is hard to imagine this as a single flash in the pan of literature. I want more from him! ~ Dr. John T. Webb, Amazon

"...a brilliantly crafted story, totally and utterly original and with amazing, believable world-building ...a more complex, original tale than most that’s out there." (3.5 stars) ~ Gillian Hancock , Barnes & Noble

"...the first book I’ve read from this talented author...but I hope it’s not the last...really different from many I’ve read before...intelligent, weird, sad, dark, funny, deep, tragic... I darn near gobbled the whole book down in just a few evenings. This book will haunt me for a long time." (4.5 stars) ~ Sam Ryan, Goodreads

"Once you begin this book, it won't let you go. If you don't like suspense that messes with your mind, don't read this. This isn't your normal suspense novel. It's unique. The author isn't out to scare you. He's out to make a change in you." (5 stars) ~ Gayle Pace, Amazon

“…a gifted writer.” ~ Laura Van Wormer, bestselling author

David I. Aboulafia
David I. Aboulafia DAVID I. ABOULAFIA is an attorney with a practice in the heart of New York City. He spends the wee hours of the morning writing books that t...
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