Thousand Eyes, A

Thousand Eyes, A

A small town in Colorado experiences a series of animal attacks which are far from random...


"... with the smell and smoke and taste still harsh in his nostrils, eyes and throat, he needed to warn others, not just his own kind but all other non-humans. Death was in the air."

When Todd Wendt, recovering from the tragic death of his wife, is sent to oversee operations at a regional cement plant in Colorado, news reaches him of a series of vicious animal attacks. Over time, it becomes clear that the attacks taking place in this small mountain town are far from random: Todd, and his company are being targeted...


A very good idea and an interesting execution of it. ~ Anjili Jani, NetGalley

There is something bothering the animals and causing them to attack humans. The animals are working together. Wolfpaw, a Native American tribe to talk to the animals, but will they listen? Poison is being spewed by Mentex concrete plant. People are dying from both. In this thriller from Junior Burke, we find a town that is dying from a concrete plant that no one wants to talk about. The guilty won't walk away and the innocent may not get out soon enough. There are plans within plans with almost everyone wanting a piece of the action. Cinda is a cop and animal control in Lyndon. She is watching how odd the animals are acting and trying to find out why. Will Cinda be saved, will anyone? You have to read the book to find out. I liked the way the book came together and will read more by this author. ~ Marie Angel, NetGalley

This is a well written and plotted novel. The tension in the story began almost immediately and continued throughout the rest of the book. Being an animal lover, I was pulling for them as they tried to sort out their difficulties. This was my first Junior Burke book, and I immediately went to Amazon to check out his other works. I enjoyed this book immensely and read it in one sitting. I recommend this book to those who enjoy mild horror, or just something fun to read wherein the animals get theirs back. Well done, Mr. Burke! ~ Joyce Fox , NetGalley

Junior  Burke
Junior Burke Junior Burke is a novelist, dramatist and songwriter. In 2004, he founded the ezine not enough night which for a dec...
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