London, 1858: a child is dead, a man is blamed, and dragged through hell - why is he persecuted and who is his persecutor?


London, 1858: a child is dead, a man is blamed, and dragged through hell - why is he persecuted and who is his persecutor?
Purefinder is a Gothic-horror historical thriller with a metaphysical edge; a circadian, Dantean exploration of London, loss, and fraternity; mystery, blood, mud, and guts combined; Rabelaisian relief; human tragedy; and the important questions at the heart of any time.


"Know this going in; Purefinder is a smart book. Very smart. ... It's a book that gripped and frustrated me in equal measure. But such is the nature of books like this. If a horrific descent into hell via 24 hours spent in Victorian London sounds appealing, give this a read. It's certainly worth it for the morbid and sometimes terrifying images conjured up by whatever daemon Ben Gwalchmai is channelling. Just be aware you may have not read much like it before." ~ The Cult Den, http://www.thecultden.com/2014/07/the-cult-den-book-club-purefinder-by.html

"Breathtakingly intimate and obscure, the story takes many turns...Written with authentic and artistic use of language, the novel felt all too real...The colourful characters are varied and interesting, the setting believable and the mystery of what is behind this trip and where it will end kept me on tenterhooks until the end. The psychological terror, grief, fear and thread in their respective gothic colouring together make for excellent horror writing. The historic aspects are equally well accomplished and I should imagine the book doing well with fans of either genre." ~ The Historical Novel Society, historicalnovelsociety.org/reviews/purefinder/

*** Awarded: Top Ten pick of 2014 ~ Reece M Jones, The Cult Den

*** Awarded: Historical Novel Society's Editor's Pick shortlist 2014 ~ Editor, Historical Novel Society

'...definitely an enjoyable read....Gwalchmai utilises many of the tools you’d find in a traditional Gothic horror novel but presents them in a new way, which kept me reading until the end...' ~ Beth, Judging Covers, http://judgingcovers.co.uk/reviews/purefinder/

'...he evokes the atmosphere of London’s seedy underbelly with brilliant, and often shocking, prose...Ben Gwalchmai is an outstanding storyteller, who is brave enough to write historical fiction in an unusual and unsettling way. I would highly recommend this book to all who dare undertake the journey' ~ Angela Buckley, VictorianSuperSleuth.com

'...a remarkable piece of work' ~ Rebecca Carter, Janklow and Nesbitt

'Intriguing, vivid.' ~ John Hunt, Zero Books

'...you get the best of both worlds – a novel that engages with and criticises our political establishment, and a novel that is packed with original and vivid characters that populate Victorian London, and continue to populate our London of today. ...The characterisation is rich, that ‘living geography’ of the city pulls you in, and the political themes and analogies are cleverly drawn.' ~ Sian Norris, http://sianandcrookedrib.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/review-of-purefinder-by-ben-gwalchmai.html

Ben Gwalchmai
Ben Gwalchmai A maker, writer, and worker, Ben is an award-winning polymath. A writer since 2008, Ben has had works performed and published with Anexxe...
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