The first ship was sighted over St. Louis...and then St. Louis was gone.


For years Dena Anderson had all but ignored her twin brother Dalton, but that was before the aliens arrived. The extra-terrestrial spacecraft neutralized satellite communications, power plants and even the military throughout the United States within hours, leaving Dena and the other residents of Hugo Drive helpless. Now, with her husband at her side, Dena Anderson must struggle to exist in a world without order while contending with local racism, hostile survivalists and the prejudice that has estranged her from her twin. Surrounded by danger, what Dena fears most is her next-door neighbor, a mysterious, surly man known only as Beaker.


Alaric Albertsson brings you page-turning speculative fiction that draws you in and, before you know it, takes you for a ride. When you start reading "Perception", make sure you don't have any plans for a while, because you won't want to put it down! ~ Steve Kenson, author of

Like one of the best episodes of "The Twilight Zone", Alaric Albertsson uses an alien invasion to delve deep into the American psyche. Full of sharp characters, interesting twists, and thoughtful criticism of the way we live our lives, the real story lies in the clash between human beings whose conflicting morals and self-doubts still control them even after the fall of civilization. Whether we're right or wrong, the hero or the villain - it's all a matter of "Perception". ~ Eric Scott, author of

Alaric Albertsson
Alaric Albertsson Alaric Albertsson is a native of Missouri, but has been living in western Pennsylvania with his partner Scott for the past eleven years. He ...
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