Call of the Forbidden Way

Call of the Forbidden Way

Some reach out for the mystical, but sometimes it's the mystical that reaches out.


When Carson Reynolds gets hired to produce a documentary film at a gathering of Native American medicine men, he never suspects it will be a portal into a world that will radically change his life. Despite his resistance to the Call, he is ineluctably drawn into a realm of shamans, priestesses, deities, and plant-medicine work, where he becomes engaged in a searing struggle with extra-dimensional forces that threaten the future of humanity as we know it.


Call of the Forbidden Way is an enthralling adventure taking the reader through one man’s shamanic initiation … and much more. After being asked by a committee of Lakota elders to film an intertribal medicine circle, Carson Reynolds returns home where he has problems with ‘something possessing his dreams’. Rather than the routine documentary shoot he was expecting this is the beginnings of a journey that takes him from initial training with medicine man Wounded Paw, to working with a ‘mixed tradition’ shaman, Rhiannon and later, Voodoo shaman, Blind Mama. And on top of that he has to figure out how to work with a wrathful Tibetan deity who may easily destroy him, while managing to avoid getting killed in physical ‘accidents’ caused by alien ‘Visitors’ who want to take over the planet. Call of the Forbidden Way contains adventure, conspiracy and personal spiritual transformation in a tale with a diverse range of characters, cultures and traditions all working together in the contemporary world to save our Great Mother earth. An entrancing read I would highly recommend. ~ June Kent, Editor, Indie Shaman Magazine

"Call of the Forbidden Way", Robert Owings, 2016, Cosmic Egg Books ISBN 978 178535 366 6 This is a gripping tale about the initiatory path, reminiscent of Carlos Castenada and his journey from sceptical novice towards adept-hood, though in this book through various spiritual disciplines. The descriptions of spiritual trial and personal pathway are very accurate and well written and believable. It would not surprise me if the author sees this as book one of a series. I hope so because I would definitely be looking out for it! Highly recommended. Reviewed by Nina Ashby, CMBAPS - Chairman British Astrological & Psychic Society ~ Nina Ashby, CMBAPS - Chairman British Astrological & Psychic Society, British Astrological & Psychic Society

This was an incredible story. The characters following the path of the Medicine Way are complex and diverse. Each has their own practice of communion with the Universe and the entities of the Dimensions. A new take on the fight between Good and evil and Light vs. dark. Amazing insights if you care to see them, I will read everything this author writes. ~ Margaret Holmes, NetGalley

"Call of the Forbidden Way is one of the best revelations of the esoteric nature of reality there is, up there with books like Cloud Atlas and films like "The Matrix." It shows us how things really are underneath the tough skin of 3D existence, offering a glimpse of the thrilling ecstasy and frightening shadow that awaits when the mind awakens. Author Robert Owings is a true teacher whose fictional work is in fact a roadmap for those eager to find an illumined and inspired way in these increasingly activated times.” ~ Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D., Founding Director of Seven Sisters Mystery School & Author of The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece

"Robert Owings' new book, Call of the Forbidden Way, engagingly portrays the challenges faced by ordinary people caught in the grip of cosmic forces originating in a shamanic universe just beyond the limits of 'ordinary' reality. Owings' characters are believable, and his treatment of the ways in which shamanic dimension can collide with everyday life kept me turning the pages from start to finish.' ~ Dennis McKenna, Ph.D.

"A wonderful thriller from the world of shamanism and sacred plants." ~ Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D.

2nd Endorsement Namaste from Europe, everybody! Robert Owing’s Trilogy is becoming more pertinent by the day … You GOT to read it !!! … why …? Well, the news hit hard this morning: - France suffered another attack - people dying because other people play ‘Pokemon’ on their cell phones It’s easy to say ‘terrorists’ … it’s easy to say ‘crazy young people’ … But foolish to believe politicians and ‘experts’ … ‘Terrorists’ mirror corporate terror; Pokemon players get their visionary capacities hijacked for cheap kicks … The real causes for it all are veiled behind the curtain of external appearances … Find out in Robert’s writing! He addresses these things … ~ Mark Seelig, Author

Robert Owings has crafted a masterfully mesmerizing trilogy full of penetrating visionary power and deep concern for life, guaranteed to captivate you on every level of your existence. Call of the Forbidden Way is the first book in the series. Weaving ancient wisdom traditions, tribal ritual teachings, modern consciousness research, and an ingenious touch of Sci-Fi into an irresistible web of electrifying suspense, the author simultaneously addresses the most pressing conflicts of today’s world, arriving at a possible resolution that finally honors the full potential of the human race. Food, sleep, drink…? Forget it! Novelty is upon you. ~ –Mark Seelig PhD, Clinical Psychotherapist, Professor of Psychology, Consciousness Researcher, Ambient Musician, & Shamanic Guide

Robert Owings
Robert Owings Robert Owings is an explorer in the field of consciousness. He holds a master's degree in philosophy and religion, with a concentration in c...
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